Form 2290 Penalties

The IRS will impose penalties for various reasons with regard to filing HVUT Tax Form 2290. IRS Form 2290 Penalties will be assessed for failing to make payment and filing the return or taxes owed by the 2290 deadline. Form 2290 penalties can even be assessed for filing fraudulent or false returns. These penalties are in addition to the interest charged on the late payments.

Form 2290 penalties for late payment or late filing won’t be imposed if you provide a reasonable cause for not making the payment or filing on time. If you file HVUT Form 2290 after its due date, you need to provide an explanation which must be attached to the return to display the reasonable cause.

Form 2290 penalties are equal to the 4.5% of the total due which is assessed on monthly basis, that too up to five months. Also, later filers will have to face the additional penalty (monthly) which is about 0.5% of the total due. An additional interest charge of about 0.54% per month will accrue as well.

Form 2290 Due Date

You need to file IRS Form 2290 for HVUT annually by August 31st for each taxable vehicle that is often used on the public highways in the current tax period. Here the current tax period for heavy vehicles begins on July 1, 2018 and ends on June 30, 2019. Form 2290 must also be filed once a vehicle is placed in service. The due date for each month is the last day of the following month.

Form 2290 Due Date


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